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Keeping the Wedding Dance Floor Packed

Today we want to talk about some tips for keeping everyone dancing during your reception. For information on how Dancing also makes your smarter check out our post here.


Playing the right music is important and something we try and achieve at each wedding reception. Most people have certain music taste and songs that are their favorite. Depending on your guest we try and curate a playlist that they want to hear. While typically starting with older songs and moving into todays top hits. Using slow songs in between to break up momentum and keeping the guest dancing. With specialty dance songs being a hit also.


With using different stages of lighting we can maintain excitement and keep guest dancing. Today dance lighting syncs to the music creating an exciting feeling. Dimming the lights and putting on FX lighting usually lets people feel free and more willing to want to dance.

Wedding Party

The wedding party can be a huge influence in getting people to want to join in on the fun of dancing. Guest are more likely to join in if their friends are already dancing. By announcing the Wedding Party to come up and dance we can get all of your guest up and celebrating your special day. These three tips in combination with a great Wedding DJ will make every one sure to dance and have fun.

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