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Our top wedding dj questions answered.



Q: Is my wedding date available?

  • It really depends on how far out we are booked. If you're interested. We encourage you to contact us as soon as possible to find out. 

Q: How many weddings do you DJ a year?

  • Pearl Entertainment typically averages 20-30 weddings per year. 

Q: How long have you been doing this professionally? 

  • Just over ten years. 

Q: Who will be the DJ playing at my venue?

  • It depends on the date and who is available. You'll be in contact with your personal DJ beforehand to make sure it's an excellent fit.

Q: Have you done events at my wedding venue? 

  • It depends on the venue. In most cases, yes. Feel free to ask if we have. 

Q: Can you describe your style? 

  • Millions of songs, Beautiful lighting, and Lots of fun. Check out our Blog for more information.  

Q: Are there any other services you provide? 

  • We offer uplighting, fog machines, custom design, and photo booths on occasion.

Q: What sets you apart from your competition? 

  • We believe in bringing people together. With Dancing. Making sure we stay personally involved with every couple, bringing your ideas to life with your timeframe, personal preference, and expectations. 

Q: Why DJ weddings?

  • Pearl Entertainment loves bringing people together. Our expertise in music and being able to create the ultimate experience for you and your loved ones is truly enjoyable for us. 

Q: What does a typical setup or package include?

  • DJ & Emcee, millions of songs, wireless microphones for toast and blessings, (2) PA Professional loud speakers, professional 15" subwoofer, dance lighting that syncs to the music, event facade, and our wedding reception planner. 


Q: Do you have playlist or examples of music you previously played?

  • Yes we do. Our playlist span multiple genres and decades of music. We also encourage you to submit as many songs possible through our google form.  

Q: Can you help me choose music for my wedding? 

  • Absolutely. We can create custom playlist specifically for you. Playing what you want to hear. 

Q: How extensive is your music library? 

  • Our music library is currently over 60 million songs and is constantly updating with new music. 

Q: If the DJ for my event is somehow unable to perform, do you have a backup ready for my event?  

  • Yes. We have a back up in place for your wedding if the assigned DJ is unable to perform.

Q: Do you take any breaks? How many and when?

  • The only break we typically take and request is to eat during dinner its usually 15 minutes. Music will still be played during this time. 

Q: Do you act as the emcee and make all the announcements?

  • Yes. We will be your emcee and make any announcements needed during the event.

Q: What do you to motivate the crowd if no one is dancing?

  • Getting the bridal party or close family up to dance usually does the trick. As well as playing a popular dance song.

Q: Do you take request from our guest?

  • Absolutely. It's about what you want to hear. In some situations request may be rejected due to the brides and grooms music preferences. 

Q: Can we submit a do not play list? 

  • Yes. We highly encourage you do. 

Pricing and Payment

Q: What's your average rate?

  • Now from $195/HR. 

Q: Does that rate include setup and breakdown, what if anything isn't included?

  • Yes our rate has setup, breakdown, and travel included within the Omaha metro area. So you're priced on the actual performance and time you want. 

Q: How much would you charge for overtime? 

  • Overtime is charged at $250/HR paid the date of the event. 

Q: When will I receive a written contract? 

  • You'll receive a written contract on your initial $250 retainer fee.

Q: How much of a retainer is due? 

  • A $250.00 non-refundable retainer fee is due upon signature of your Contract and the remaining balance to be paid on the date of the event. 

Q: What is your refund/cancelation policy?

  • Our refund/cancelation policy requires a 60 day notice from your wedding date. With your $250 retainer fee being non-refundable.

Q: How far in advance do I need to book you for my wedding? 

  • Typically more than three months out. With high demand dates being six to twelve months out. 

Q: What information do you need from me before the wedding day? 

  • We will need a timeline and our google form filled out. 

Q: What is needed to book? 

  • A $250 retainer fee and signature of the contract. 


Q: Do you provide wireless mics for the wedding ceremony? 

  • Yes. Two wireless handheld mics are included with all our packages. 

Q: Does any of your equipment require special electrical outlets? 

  • Not typically. Usually standard outlets will work just fine. 

Q: Do you bring backup equipment? 

  • Yes, in the rare chance something were to happen with our primary gear. 

Q: What kind of space do you require? 

  • Depends on the setup. Typically we need a 8' x 8' area. 

Q: Do you setup a sign or banner with your equipment? 

  • No. Unless requested. 

Q: How much time will you need for setup, and breakdown of equipment? 

  • Usually thirty minutes to an hour for each.

Q: What time will you arrive at the site and when will you depart? 

  • We will arrive prior to guest arriving to get the music started. Departing time will be based on the allotted play time you purchased. 

Q: Will we meet again before the wedding? 

  • If needed, absolutely. Our goal is to provide the best customer service.

Q: What will you wear to our wedding? 

  • Typically a suite and tie. We dress according to your attire.

Q: What is your policy on alcohol and smoking during the wedding?

  • Our policy is to remain professional throughout the entire performance. Anything that can alter our ability to perform is strictly prohibited. 

If there is any question you feel haven't been answered be sure to contact us regarding them!

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