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Dancing Makes You Smarter

Updated: Mar 14, 2020

Dancing has been found to be therapeutic and something we believe in. Which is why we believe in bringing people together. With dancing. Seeing friends, family, and couples smile while dancing together is why we love being your Wedding DJ. Some studies have even shown that dancing helps make you smarter.

Why Dance?

Getting all of your wedding guest up and dancing makes for a wonderful wedding reception experience. It also incorporates complex movements, motor learning, creative expression and interpersonal communication. Dancing activates many areas of the brain, including those not typically involved in movement.

Areas of the brain that are most affected by aging can be stimulated and rewired to stay alert and functioning properly with dancing. This helps create pathways in the brain that help improve mental capabilities.


In addition to making your brain work, dancing reduces stress and depression and can increase energy. Dancing helps you get exercise, makes you more confident and helps you look and feel younger—both physically and mentally.

Not only can dancing help ward off diseases, but it is an activity that is great for your health and something that brings people together! Dancing works your body, your brain, and improves your social life. Ultimately, dancing helps you become the best version of yourself possible! And who doesn’t want that at their Wedding Reception?

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