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Guest Friendly Wedding DJ Setup

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

In todays post we are going to discuss our DJ Setup and talk about topics unexperienced DJs might not consider.

Blinded by the light

Dance lighting was made to be enjoyable. Our dance floor lighting is unobtrusive and something to enjoy rather than getting blinded by. With the use of our DJ facade and creating the right angles we have the perfect balance of fun and function. On top of this we use different lighting throughout the wedding to create differences between your cocktail hour, dinner, first dance, and opening of the dance floor. You wouldn't want full on dance lighting during your cocktail hour. When hiring a DJ make sure there lighting is unobtrusive to your guest and they understand how to use dance lighting as a tool for making your wedding reception great.

Extremely Loud. No Mixer.

Is the music too loud? Not properly mixed? Having a background in music and an understanding of acoustical engineering. We setup and test our sound system before each event. Making changes as needed. Your venue plays a huge role in sound and how it affects it. That being said there is adjustments we can make to help counter a venue that isn't acoustically great. We want to play music that sounds great. At an ideal volume. So you and all your guest can enjoy it. Your wedding DJ should know how to adjust sound and run a mixer.

Messy Setup

As DJs when it comes to chords we would love for everything to be wireless, although this isn't the case. With the use of DJ facade and chord wraps we are able to neatly hide and conceal everything from view. Making sure to eliminate any trip hazards. This also creating a clean look and safe environment for your guest to enjoy dancing. Your wedding DJ should know how to setup properly. Creating a messy free setup.

Sub Par Equipment

DJ equipment is not all built the same nor does it sound the same. Using lesser grade equipment will get you lower quality sound and can even be less reliable. When it comes to your wedding its worth having a DJ with quality equipment and equipment that is reliable. How would you feel about everyone dancing and having a good time and the music just cuts out? Or talking on a mic that crackles and pops while trying to give a toast or blessing? Or dance lighting that flickers and stops working? If your like me... Not good. We believe its better to have quality equipment that works exceptionally well than sup par equipment that kind of works.

All the best,

Pearl Entertainment is dedicated to creating the reception you've always dreamed about. We stay personally involved with each and every couple making sure that your ideas are brought to life with your time frame, expectations, and personal preferences.

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