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Hiring A Wedding DJ For Your Ceremony

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

A professional Wedding DJ can provide the music for your ceremony. While typically arriving 30 minutes prior. Playing background music before any of your guest arrive with curated playlist and mixing. We work personally with each and every client on song choice and style of music.


Depending on the size of your ceremony and location. Different setups will be required. A typical setup includes two loud PA speakers and a subwoofer. With microphone's available. We cary state of the art equipment and test before each and every Wedding ensuring a flawless event.

Sometimes two setups are used depending upon the venue to play music outside as well as inside the reception without having to re-setup the speakers inside. Hiring a Wedding DJ is a fun and economical way to provide music for your ceremony and reception. It also allows the Wedding Officiant to go through our setup creating the perfect sound for all of your guest to hear your vows.

Having done multiple ceremonies Pearl Entertainment can help you every step of the way to create your perfect ceremony and reception. Let's get started.

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