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Keeping The Reception Flowing Smoothly

Updated: Mar 6, 2020

A great Wedding reception should flow organically and not feel rushed. Pearl Entertainment will work closely with you to achieve this. We have carefully crafted a Wedding Reception Agenda Form to help use as a guide and give us a general timeline of your event.

Wedding Reception Timeline

A lot of Wedding Receptions start off with a cocktail hour then followed by dinner. Pearl Entertainment offers a microphone for blessings and toast during this period. As well as provides the music.

Introductions can also be made as the Wedding Party arrives. Creating an exciting and fun entrance.

After dinner your First Dance typically happens. Followed by the Bride/Father and Groom/Mother dances. From here the dance floor opens up and everyone can join in on the celebration.

Depending upon your music selection and style: We typically start with older music and work our way to more modern music. Allowing guest of all ages a chance to dance to their favorite songs. We like creating a good mix of music for you and your guest. Trying to get everyone dancing and having fun all night. Our library has over 30 million songs and we also take song request.


Other traditions can occur during your wedding reception as well including: garter toss, bouquet toss, dollar dance, and cake cutting.

It's important to note that Wedding DJ Pearl Entertainment is open to any traditions or ideas you may or may not want.

Lastly the night usually ends with announcing the last song and getting everyone together for the last dance.

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