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How to plan the perfect Wedding Reception.

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

Heres every detail to help you get started from a Wedding DJs perspective.

The key to running a wedding reception that runs smoothly, is planning ahead. Organizing your reception timeline helps to keep everything on track when your big day arrives and gives your DJ a general sense of how the night should transpire. The more detailed you can make it the better. Most receptions start with background music while all of your guest are arriving at the reception. Your Wedding DJ playing a very important role. If requested your DJ can announce the bridal party. Typically after the music will slowly transition for a cocktail hour. Allowing your guest to mingle and for you to take post-ceremony photos.

Dinner Music

Once it's dinner time any toast or blessings can be given with our wireless microphones. Your DJ will introduce the speakers, turn off the music, and have the sound pre-setup for a crystal clear speech. After toast and blessings your DJ will help announce tables to get dinner as well as switch over to dinner music.

The First Dance

Once everyone has finished eating your DJ can announce you up for your first dance. It can even be fun to do the first dance before dinner. First dances can then be followed by Bride and Groom, Father and Daughter dances, or anything you would like.


After your first dance we open up the dance floor and invite everyone out. Your DJ will announce this and welcome any song request. From here out you can spotlight the cake cutting or do numerous other wedding ideas to your taste.

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