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Getting Your Wedding Guest To Dance

This is an important question and a good one to ask all your Wedding DJ candidates.

Getting guest to Dance at your Wedding can be tricky depending on numerous factors.

One of them being if no one wants to be the first one to get out and dance!

Bridal Party

One of the best approaches to overcome this is with the Bridal Party. Typically after your first dance or father/daughter and groom/mother dance. A great method to get guest up and dancing is by having the whole bridal party come up to dance. This usually can bring enough momentum to get others wanting to join in on the fun.


Another great method is with the use of lighting. By dimming the lights and turning on dance lighting it signals and makes guest feel more comfortable getting up to dance. Our FX lighting syncs to the music. With strobes, wash out fx, leds, and lasers it creates a thrill for everyone to enjoy.


Finally Music. By playing a variety of songs and catering it towards your guest, typically gets everyone up and dancing. Before the Wedding we gather and discuss the type of music you would like to hear at your wedding. We also have crafted multiple playlist and curated them to get all ages up on the dance floor and dancing. Music is our language and by using it we can bring people together. With Dancing.

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