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Friend vs Professional Wedding DJ? What's the right choice for your wedding.

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

Thanks to the availability of tech and apps nearly anyone can call themselves a DJ. If you have wondered why you should a hire professional wedding DJ over a friend. In todays post we'll help answer that question.

Should I hire a professional DJ?

A small gathering of a group of friends may not warrant a professional Wedding DJ and a ton of sound equipment. If you plan on having a large gathering though over 50+ people and want to create a memorable experience, a professional DJ can make a huge difference.

Here's Why:

1. An excellent DJ will Emcee, keeping the party flowing.

Experienced DJs will also act as your emcee keeping the night flowing smoothly. They will make announcements, introduce the bridal party, and keep tabs on all of your guest.

2. They can read the crowd and know lots of music.

Keeping a large group of people dancing is quite the challenge. Professional DJs have a large library of songs and great musical taste. Being experienced, Professional DJs are able to adjust quickly and keep your guest dancing.

3. They have equipment that will sound great and know it very well.

When you book a great DJ. They will have a sound system that sounds great and is reliable. They will also have backup equipment to serve another level of precaution. Knowing their equipment, knowledge and experience separates a professional DJ from a friend.

4. A Professional DJ maintains a professional image.

It your DJs job to represent themselves and the company they work for. You can be assured they will dress appropriately and act with you and your guest in a kind, professional manner.

5. They'll set up and break down.

You'll have peace of mind not worrying with any of the setup or breakdown of gear. A professional Wedding DJ will know exactly how to do all of this. They will also know exactly what is needed for your venue.

6. Lastly they are informative, dependable, communicative, and will handle all of the music for your big day.

A professional Wedding DJ has vast knowledge and experience. We do what we know best so you can enjoy your special day. A professional wedding DJ can guide you through every step: being informative, dependable, and communicative. Making your wedding spectacular and lots of fun.

We hope this helps answer your questions. If you're a couple looking for a Wedding DJ. Contact us today. We'd love to hear your story.

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