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Creating the Perfect Playlist

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

So you decided on your wedding day entertainment. Now it's time for you to create the perfect playlist.

Find your favorite tracks.

Note the style you're looking for. Is it Country, Top 40 , or maybe even a classic vibe. Or do you want a variety of different genres or something that's completely different. Some good starting questions to ask yourself: What is in your most recent top played songs? What songs have a special meaning to you? These can help create a good base to start off with for your DJ.

Discuss them with your Wedding DJ.

Have a conversation with your DJ beforehand and outline what you want with your must haves. Our wedding reception planner is a great tool and guide to help you plan. Most importantly thought is to figure out your songs you want played and songs you would not like played. If you need help ask for our input. We are more than willing to share previous playlist and wedding songs that are great. If there's a certain theme for your wedding we can cater the music towards that.

Your Special Day.

The right wedding day entertainment is there to make you happy. Being a DJ company we want to play the songs you've asked to hear. Taking request from your guest if they are approved and appropriate for you wedding. Using our expertise to help make your day extraordinary. We know how special your wedding day is and only want to enhance that with millions of songs, beautiful lighting, and lots of fun. Be sure to check out our wedding packages if you haven't done so.

All the best,

Pearl Entertainment

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